A idiot very wealthy person has paid £331,000 for the UK number plate "M1" for his 6-year old son. The number plate was expected to fetch £80,000-120,000, but with fierce bidding in the marquee and on the phones a new world record price was achieved. The previous top price of £285,000 was paid recently by the Russian tycoon Roman Abramovich for the VIP 1 plate of Pope John Paul 11's Popemobile.

The M1 number plate went to an anonymous private UK bidder who will be taking the plate back to the North West of England where it came from. "M1" was the first registration to be issued in Cheshire, when, in 1902, motoring enthusiast and then owner of Tatton Park acquired the registration for his 1903 12/16hp 2 cylinder Darracq - the same car that was driven by Henri Farman and came second in the 1901 Grand Prix de Pau.