Looks like there’s no end to the list of changes that’s occurring in the world of Formula One. If motorsport boss Max Mosley had his way, engine manufacturers would be focusing on increasing fuel efficiency rather than going for out-right power.

F1 has always been a leader in developing new technologies that eventually trickle down into the cars that you and I buy. The FIA president quoted that

"F1 could be positioned at the cutting edge of fuel-efficiency research and development."

So determined is Mosley that he has actually written to the 11 teams asking for a freeze on engine development from 2008. Engine specifications for the 2008 race-year are to remain the same as in the current series. At the moment the FIA is changing the engine regulations for 2008 onwards to reduce costs and to make the competition fairer for smaller teams.

Moseley hopes that all the teams are willing to compromise and accept some changes for beyond 2008 and in the meantime teams stick with their current engine setup instead of wasting further development dollars.

[Source: BBC Sport]