If you've ever fantasised about being like Jason Statham in the Transporter, BMW might just have the job for you, complete with military training. For the upcoming IMF World Bank meetings in Singapore, BMW has taken on 700 new recruits to be trained as chauffeurs for the event. Only 14 women are among the 700 participants who have made it past the first round, including a 49 year old housewife.

The threat of a terrorist attack is always of concern with any major international political meeting so BMW has given the drivers special security training in the event the worse happens. For their efforts, the drivers will be paid $9.00 an hour and $12.50 per hour for late night duties.

Training started earlier this month when the recruits were given the chance to get used to driving the extended wheelbase versions of the 7-Series. The final cut for next month’s event will consist of only 600 drivers.