Dutch car manufacturer Spyker has confirmed it has acquired MidLand F1 Racing after bring in talks for almost a month. The new team will be called Spyker MF1 Racing and will be full owned by Spyker and valued at over $100m. Michiel Mol will join on as the team director and recently departed Toyota technical director Mike Gascoyne will also come on board as the Chief Technology Officer – whatever that means.

In an interview, team owner Victor Muller said, "It is my strong conviction that F1 racing transmits values which are entirely in line with our brand values: heritage (as early as 1903 Spyker built the famous six-cylinder four-wheel-drive 60HP Grand Prix racer), design, craftsmanship, performance and exclusivity. Moreover we expect that the Spyker road cars will seriously benefit from the F1 technology that we now have in-house. I am so proud of our team that worked around the clock to make this deal happen."

Spyker may use Ferrari engines, but the annual cost of $45 million may be too rich for Spyker. Instead, they may also do a commercial deal that involves Ferrari building engines for the upcoming D12 Peking-to-Paris luxury SUV.

FIA puppetmaster Max Mosely has been pushing for performance capping regulations to decrease the cost of participating in F1 and therefore allowing smaller teams to compete. Could this be the proof he was right?


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