Now that Maybach has established itself in the luxury limousine market, the company is ready to launch even more models to expand its sales. Hot on the heels of news about Rolls-Royce releasing a new small vehicle, DaimlerChrysler’s Dr Z suggested that there was room for a new vehicle from DC positioned between the current Maybach and the top Mercedes model.

DC is still looking at its options, meaning that the new car could even be sold under the Mercedes label. According to Z, “if there's a chance of filling it we have to decide if we want to.”

Competitor, Rolls Royce is likely to have its new car out within the next four years with a price point around the $250,000 and $380,000 mark. Further, the new vehicle may spawn several other variants to create a new model series. DaimlerChrysler would be best to hurry up and determine if it wants a new luxury vehicle so that the development work can start.