Certain racing categories require that several road legal cars based on the high-performance race cars are built for sale in a process known as homologation. The term features in the prominent GTO label that stands for Gran Turismo Omologato, the Italian wording for Grand Touring, Homologated. It’s usually the case when manufacturers want to enter the high-performance vehicles as regular production models in lower tier races.

The benefit to Joe Public is that we’re given the chance to own some serious high-performance vehicles that are basically racing cars built for the road. Supercars.net has put together a top ten list of the ten best homologation specials that includes favourites such as the original Ferrari 250 GTO and rallying legend, Lancia’s Stratos. Today, owning one of these vehicles is the equivalent of owning a piece of automotive history. Some of the cars would easily fetch into the millions of dollars. Back in 1991, a 250 GTO supposedly sold for fifteen million dollars.

Tell us what vehicle you think should have made the list.

1. 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO

2. 1972 Lancia Stratos

3. 1997 Porsche 911 GT1

4. 1984 Audi Sport Quattro

5. 1986 Ford RS200 Evolution

6. 1998 Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR

7. 1969 Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.7

8. 1990 BMW M3 Sport Evolution

9. 1989 Mercedes-Benz 190E Evo II

10. 1969 McLaren M6GT

[Source: Supercars.net]