Ford is hoping that the refreshed lineup and a boost of 20 percent in ad revenue will see its Mercury brand bounce back from its dreadful performance over the past 2 years. This may be the last chance for the ailing brand that many experts consider should be dropped from Ford’s auto group. Mercury has seen its sales rate drop to a paltry 8.3 vehicles per dealership, which has lead to a decline in sales to less than 200,000 units over the last two years.

For the first nine months of this year sales have dropped a further 9.2 percent, with critics blaming the brand's lack of identity and poor styling. During the creation of Ford’s Way Forward restructuring plan, executives considered dropping the brand but decided to keep it because they claim they had the right product and money to advertise it.

Part of the plan is to promote the vehicle to a larger demographic including more Hispanic, female and black buyers. The first step was the sponsorship of the eighth annual Miami Fashion Week, which will be followed by a sponsorship of the Latino film festival in Miami. The next phase is to increase advertising for both television and the internet to coincide with the release of all several model updates plus some all-new models.