Honda, the most fuel-efficient car company in America, will be increasing the production of its popular 4-cylinder Civic sedan to meet growing levels of demand.

Starting in early 2007, Honda will utilize its flexible manufacturing capacity to deliver an extra 60,000 units to quell demand.

Currently, Honda builds Civic models at two North American plants, one in the United States and another in Canada. Over the past few months, both plants have added overtime production in an effort to meet customer demand. Production of the Civic will also be added for the first time to the Canadian plant, which until now has been producing only light trucks.

Further plans are expected for Honda’s other models including moving the production line for the Pilot SUV from Canada to a plant in the U.S., which will then be able to run again at full capacity, producing some 300,000 vehicles annually.

It doesn’t end there. The company plans to expand production of new vehicles, including the all-new 2007 Honda CR-V as well as the Acura RDX at its Ohio plant as well as announcing that it will construct a new plant in Greensburg, Indiana for the production of 4-cylinder vehicles and a 200,000-unit engine plant in Canada to build 4-cylinder engines.

The Detroit Three should be seriously worried.


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