Thanks to its Phantom saloon, Rolls-Royce is in its best financial position in decades, and according to the Star News Online the ultra luxury marquee from Goodwood has just added another 200 employees to meet rising demand for the $380,000 Phantom from China. Chief Executive Ian Robertson acknowledged that China was Rolls-Royce's third largest market after the US and the UK, with demand expected to grow further due to the growing class of entrepreneurs in Asia.

The total workforce for Rolls-Royce now stands at 700 and the company is expected to move 800 Phantoms this year, the company's highest output level in 16 years. The addition to its staff couldn’t come soon enough. A new convertible version of the Phantom is just around the corner, ahead of a new smaller and less expensive model. Other luxury brands including Bentley are experiencing a sales surge in China as well.