It’s bad enough that UK motorists have to pay £8 just for driving through central London, but now they’ll be hit with a more expensive charge depending on how much harmful emissions their cars emit. Worst still, drivers of heavy SUVs and sports cars could be facing up to £25 ($47) per day every time they enter the city during peak travel periods.

London Mayor Ken Livingstone announced today that he will use his congestion tax program to discourage the big SUVs or "Chelsea Tractors" as he puts it, but the move will also affect owners of sports cars like the Porsche 911 and luxury cars like the BMW 335i. “They have to be dealt with," added Livingstone. The new tax is expected to be introduced in 2009.

Opponents state that the move is part of Livingstone’s personal hatred for big SUVs and that the current charge has already created millions for government coffers, scared away trade and increased pollution, but it has not reduced congestion. The amount charged will depend on your car’s CO2 emission levels. Cars such as the Honda Insight and Toyota Prius classified in bands A and B will face no tax, while even the 2.0L Ford Mondeo is in the worst “G” category and will face the new £25 tax upon entry into the city.