Italy’s famous Nardo circuit saw three world records for high-speed runs broken on a single day. The event saw highly modified cars, with a combined output of 9506hp, battle for the world’s fastest car in each its own category. Run by Germany’s Autobild, 12 of the world’s greatest tuners gathered in Italy to find out which cars can comfortably past the 250km/h mark.

Some of the stand outs models included the Brabus Rocket, which broke its own record for world’s fastest sedan with a speed of 365.71km/h. Then there was the 600bhp Twin-Turbo R32 from HGP, which reached 323.1km/h. The fastest car at the day was 9ff’s Turbo engined Cabrio that achieved an amazing 380.5km/h thanks to its 780bhp output. Surprisingly, this wasn’t the most powerful 911 at the event either.

Finally, Enco's 638bhp Cayenne Turbo reached 294.5km/h, making it the world’s fastest SUV. Three records down, not bad for a day’s work.