With technology making its way into practically everything, it was only a matter of time before someone invented a tyre with electronic chips inside. Pirelli has been working on a “CyberTyre” for some time now, which would enable information about handling conditions back to the car’s on-board computer. The idea is to help improve handling in emergencies or low-grip situations such as snow or ice. Another area the CyberTyre could come in handy is telling you how far you've travelled on a deflated run-flat tyre. The latest news is that Pirelli has purchased the patent for this tyre-monitoring technology from Italian auto technology and design company Fioravanti.

The other big feature is X-Pressure, which has a variety of ways of telling you that the pressure in your tyres are low. There’s X-Pressure Optic, which causes the valve cap to emit a red glow or X-Pressure Acoustic, which informs you about low-pressures through the radio. The top-of-the-line system is called X-Pressure Acoustic Blue, which uses Bluetooth technology to inform you through your mobile phone that your tyres are low. These can be combined with the Safety Wheel System, which has a compressed air canister within the wheel rim and can top up your tyres as needed.