Ferrari is celebrating its 60th anniversary in 2007 with a major event at the end of June this year in Italy. Maranello will be the finish line in a "relay race" across five continents where participants will carry a baton embossed with symbols of the 60 greatest moments in the company's history. The "Ferrari 60 Relay" will kick off on January 28th in Abu Dhabi, site of the future Ferrari theme park, and conclude in Maranello on June 24th, after traversing about 50 countries in 148 days. We wonder why they didn't make it 60 countries considering it's their 60th anniversary.

For the occasion, Ferrari is assembling its 60 most important innovations, ranging from aluminum pliers for disc brakes to the electric differential and the F1 gearbox. These elements represent the technological innovations that have been pioneered by Ferrari in the 60 years of its existence.

Some of the locations that will be visited include Dubai, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Australia, South Africa, Latin America, the US and Canada and then all across Europe. The race will then touch Egypt and Lebanon, and finally to Italy, where it will touch all the main cities finally arriving, after a special ceremony in Rome, in Maranello.

Ferrari has never been in better shape. The supercar maker is running at almost full capacity and the recent launch of the 599 showed just how strong they are. Ferrari also used to the spotlight to make it clear that there were no plans for a new entry-level Ferrari. Rumours were circulating that a new “Dino” was in development, but the company has stated that it wishes to remain exclusive and a model priced below the F430 would only dilute the brand. Looks like most of us will have to keep saving.