Now that everything is going wireless, it seems the only real holdup is the cable you use to actually charge the devices you want to use. A number of companies have been working on developing induction technology that allows you to charge any compatible device by simply placing it on a charging pad, but the closest is Fulton Innovation with its “eCoupled” technology. Automotive supplier Visteon will start selling a base-station using eCoupled later this year that sits in your cupholder and can charge your mobile phone, music player, or digital camera.

It’s expected Motorola will shop replacement batteries for its phones that will allow them to work with the system. In the future, Visteon is planning on selling eCoupled for automakers to install directly into the centre console or glove boxes out of the factory. Considering the low cost of the solution, which requires simple copper coils in both devices, we expect it to spread quickly.