Italy’s Fiat wants its new Bravo model to sell in more diverse markets than its Stilo predecessor, which failed to make a significant impact on the company’s bottom line. Reuters is reporting that Fiat exec Luca De Meo stated last week that the Bravo five-door hatchback would be sold in over 60 countries including markets in South America and Asia. "We intend to make it a global product," he told reporters at the opening of an exhibit of vintage models of Fiat's Cinquecento reinterpreted by a group of designers.

The new Bravo will hit showrooms in early February and will push the brand into the growing C segment of the market. The company expects sales for the first year to top 120,000, a figure that's considered a modest target by analysts. Sales of Fiat’s other models have been going strong in recent months, and De Meo is confident the trend will continue. “The market should be relatively stable. I think the effects of incentives will be felt in successive months," he added.