Ford is developing a new global design theme for future models, a move that ties in with the company’s “one Ford” vision strategy. The design chiefs for Ford’s North American and European divisions have combined their respective development teams to create a common design pattern for future Fords. Commenting to Automotive News, Ford Motor's group vice president of design J Mays stated the new design language is set to replace Ford of Europe's current kinetic design theme and Ford North America's three-bar grille.

"We feel we'll be able to get to a common design language that's bold, as it should be for the American market, and is absolutely applicable to the European market as well," Mays said. The move is part of an initiative to improve product development efficiency throughout Ford’s operations. We reported earlier about Ford’s plans to have its new cars share the same exterior sheet metal, greenhouses and interiors for its global lineup. However, we may not see the effects of these changes for up to seven years. According to Mays, that’s how long the work of merging Ford brand design will take.

When complete, "you should be able to get off a plane anywhere in the world and say, 'Oh, yeah, there's a Ford,'" Mays said, adding "the critical thing is not to design a car that would only sell in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean." Vehicles will be tuned specifically for individual markets to suit local demand. Distinctive front-end designs and interior trim options will be customized to suit the tastes of each market.