Lotus' racing arm Lotus Sport will be using next week’s Geneva Motor Show to debut its new Lotus 2-Eleven track car, a powerful stripped out racer with a power to weight ratio similar to that of a 1960's Formula One car. With a supercharged and intercooled motor developing 252bhp (188kW) and 179 lb/ft (242Nm), combined with a curb weight of just 670kg (1,477 lbs), the Lotus 2-Eleven should reach 100km/h from rest in 3.9 seconds all the way to a top speed of 250km/h.

Completing the mechanical package is a back-up engine oil reservoir with twin oil coolers, while a sports-type clutch plate and heavy duty clutch cover transfer the engine power and torque to the lightweight aluminum C64 six-speed gearbox. Five-spoke lightweight forged black alloy wheels shod with Lotus Sport specific Yokohama tires complete the rolling stock. The brakes are 288mm cast iron cross drilled and ventilated discs with aluminum alloy AP Racing two-piston at the front and Brembo single sliding piston at the rear. Handling is enhanced with a fully independent suspension utilizing unequal length wishbones and a set of Öhlins’ two-way adjustable dampers with coil over springs and a Lotus Sport adjustable front anti-roll bar.

Production of the new track car is scheduled to start in April and there will be two different versions, a road-legal car equipped with front and rear lights, a catalytic converter, single plane rear wing plus a few other minor additions. The track only version gets an enhanced aerodynamics package including high downforce single plane carbon fiber rear wing, high downforce front splitter, brake lights, rear indicators and a FIA approved driver's race seat. Pricing for the road-going version starts at £39,995 and rises to £49,575 for the track-only option.


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