Spyker has just completed its purchase of the MidLand F1 team and already the rumor mill has started with talk that its next takeover target could be Lotus. Spyker CEO Victor Muller has denied any such claims, but there are reports that suggest the two companies are in talks and an initial agreement has already been signed.

It was previously thought that Spyker would outsource production of its upcoming D12 crossover-sedan to Lotus and would eventually shift the rest of its production to the UK. A spokesperson for Spyker didn’t deny that the talks were in progress and Muller has previously said that “we are determined to grow the company in the following years and acquisition of any other successful luxury brands is certainly one area of consideration.”

Any final decision will depend on Malaysia’s Proton, a company that itself is looking for foreign alliances to help turnaround its own dismal results of late. Spyker is not the only company rumored to be interested in Lotus either. Car giants Volkswagen and General Motors have previously expressed interest in purchasing Lotus, so Spyker would have to bring a lot to the table. It’s likely that the Dutch sports carmaker will team with Luxembourg-based investment firm Trafalgar Capital to help raise finances for any potential deal.

[Source: AutoTelegraaf]