In an odd turn of events, a stolen BMW X5 that was owned by David Beckham while he was living in Madrid, is rumored to have ended up with Macedonia’s interior minister. This is in fact the second X5 to be stolen from the soccer star, which was recovered in Macedonia and is claimed to have been used by a pair of Bulgarians working in a human trafficking syndicate.

The minister, Gordana Jankulovska, says she will return the SUV to Beckham if it indeed turns out to be his car. But the vehicle in question is yet to be confirmed as the stolen X5. In fact, Beckham's model is said to be a different color.

Macedonian police seized the vehicle after it was illegally imported from Greece, and according to Jankulovska, "if no owner claims the property, the car can be auctioned or kept for state use." The car did indeed become property of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia after it was found that it had been illegally imported into the country and no owner had claimed it.

Beckham’s stolen X5 is most likely of little interest to the multi-million dollar soccer champ who is now residing in the US after signing a deal to play for the Los Angeles Galaxy team.