Volkswagen has unveiled its latest TSI gasoline engine as well as a new double clutch DSG gearbox designed for compact and economy-class vehicles at this week’s annual Vienna Engine Symposium. The new 1.4L motor develops peak power of 90kW, joining VW’s TSI range, which also includes 103kW and 125kW versions.

This time, the tiny motor loses the supercharger and makes do with just a turbocharger attached as well as FSI direct injection technology. This allowed designers to bump up torque, which now stands at 200Nm from just 1,500rpm, as well as reducing fuel consumption.

Engineers then modified the excellent DSG by removing the clutches from their oil-bath, a design that’s said to improve efficiency. The new gearbox can withstand torque figures of up to 250Nm and when combined with the new TSI engine should return fuel consumption figures of around 5.9L per 100km. The new motor and gearbox will first arrive in VW’s Polo small hatch in the second half of the year.