MG branded cars will once again roll off the production line in Longbridge, ending the two year production halt after the collapse of MG Rover. Chinese company Nanjing Auto will begin building MG TF convertibles at the plant on May 29, with cars expected to be sold in the UK, as well as Germany and Australia, reports Reuters.

According to one senior Nanjing exec most TFs will be sold outside China initially, but the company hopes that brand-building in its home country will improve sales. Chinese buyers are keen to drive imported models and are increasingly buying more luxury cars.

Nanjing is also working on expanding the MG range with a new sports car that would potentially sit higher than the TF. Cars would be assembled at the Longbridge plant, but high-cost components such as engines and gearboxes would be sourced from China. Next year will see the launch of a new research and design centre in China and this latest sports car could be the first model we see fully developed in the East.