It's been well documented that BMW’s new twin-turbo inline six from the 335i produces significantly more power than its official 302hp rating suggests. We reported earlier about a test of a brand new 335i Coupe on a dyno, which resulted in outputs from the motor ranging from 282 to 300hp at the wheels. Estimating drive-train loss of roughly 15-20%, this equates to roughly 350 to 375hp at the flywheel. The publication that ran the earlier tests on the BMW, Automobile Magazine, has now run Infiniti’s new G37 Coupe on the dyno and achieved some exciting results for the 3.7L V6.

The new motor debut’s Nissan’s VVEL technology, which uses infinitely variable valve timing adjustment, similar to BMW’s Valvetronic system. The official ratings stand at 330hp and 270lb-ft of torque, although Infiniti is yet to release finalized peak output ratings. Tests on the dyno reveal that the new VQ37 produces 22% more power than the smaller VQ35 from the previous G35 but is only 5.6% larger in displacement.

The dyno charts also reveal that the new 3.7L unit produces a flat torque curve from 2,000rpm all the way until 5,000rpm and is still producing 85% of its peak torque at redline. The engine is also rated at having just 37hp more than the previous 3.5L motor but developed 51 more horses on the dyno. Taking into account driveline losses of 20-25%, we’re looking at a flywheel figure of around 365hp. Bravo Infiniti.