Toyota has announced that it has developed a new variable valve lift mechanism named ‘Valvematic’, which combines the previous VVT-i technology with a new mechanism that continuously controls the intake valve lift volume.

While conventional engines control air intake using a throttle valve, Valvematic adjusts the volume of air taken in by continuously controlling the intake valve lift volume and timing of valve opening and closing. This ensures optimal performance based on the engine's operational condition, thus helping vehicles achieve both high fuel efficiency and dynamic performance.

In the case of a new 2.0L engine developed to debut the technology, fuel efficiency is claimed to be improved by 5% to 10% (depending on driving conditions), while power levels are boosted by 10% with added responsiveness and more torque from low in the rev range.

The first cars equipped with Valvematic should appear within the next year or two, and Toyota plans to revamp its entire petrol engine lineup by 2010.