US based ZAP Automotive has announced its plans to develop a second high-performance electric vehicle to join the upcoming 644hp ZAP-X electric crossover pictured in the above rendering. The second vehicle will be a more affordable model, with a targeted price of $30,000 and a top speed in excess of 100 mph and range of 100 miles per charge.

The new car, pictured in this thumbnail, will use many of the technologies already specified for the ZAP-X but is expected to arrive on the market sooner. According to CEO Steve Schneider, more details about both models will be revealed at next month’s annual shareholder meeting but we do know that the cars have passed the concept phases.

The cars will feature a lightweight aluminum structure co-developed with Lotus and will be powered by four in-wheel electric motors. Power storage will be taken care of with new lithium battery technology that will supposedly have a rapid re-charge mode that takes only 10 minutes to top up. To keep costs low, production could be handled by factories in Brazil or China.