Radical has launched the updated version of its SR8 track car, now with a more powerful Powertec V8 motor and an all-new Powertec transaxle. Claimed to be the fastest prototype on the club racing scene, the new SR8LM is powered by a 2.8L, 455bhp Powertec RPB motor based on Suzuki’s 1.3L GSXR motorbike engine. The complete powerplant weighs just 88kg, and includes a four-pump dry sump system with two oil pressure pumps and integral rotary vane water pump.

The highly strung motor produces its max output of 455bhp at a lofty 10,500rpm and is mated to a paddle-operated power shifter which allows flat shifts going up the box and automatically 'blips' the throttle going down. According to its makers, the SR8LM is capable of keeping up with a Le Mans prototype around most circuits but sets you back just over £89,000.

John Morris, Radical's USA West Coast distributor, recently took delivery of one of the first SR8 LM's at his Nevada race track in Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch, and describes it as having the feel of an F1 car. Radical sells a range of circuit cars starting with its entry-level SR3 Supersport and topping out with the SR9 LMP2 Le Mans prototype racer.


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