The first Chrysler model to be sourced from China’s Chery Auto will likely have a $10,000 sticker price when it finally goes on sale, not the $7,000 analysts previously predicted. The car is due to hit the US market in 2009 and will most likely be sold under the Dodge label.

According to analysts, the car will be based on Chery’s current A1 but will be packed with better features and trim to suit the American market. However, an article from Bloomberg News reported that Chery's president Yin Tongyao said the car would cost $7,000 and be ready by next year.

It was previously thought that Chrysler would contract Chery to build a production version of the Dodge Hornet concept but it appears that its first model will indeed be based on the A1 hatch. All is not loss for the Hornet, however, as the Chrysler-Chery deal will spawn at least one Chinese built model for the US market.