DaimlerChrysler’s tiny Smart car is a popular model for tackling Europe’s tight inner-city streets and exorbitant fuel prices, but in the US, where it’s common to see 4,500 pound SUVs, fears are rising that the minicar won’t stand much of chance in a serious accident with one of these Goliaths of the road. This hasn’t stopped more than 20,000 Smart fans in the US pre-ordering the car before it has even arrived or before it has even been tested by the America’s National Highway Transportation Safety Administration.

The American version of the Fortwo will be slightly larger than its Euro cousin, measuring in at just 8.8 feet in length and a little over 5 five in width and height, reports Associated Press. Its tiny stature means the new minicar tips the scales at just 1,700 pounds, a featherweight against vehicles like the Ford Explorer, which can weigh up to 4,606 pounds.

Despite DCX’s praise of the car’s safety package, which includes a stiff safety cell, antilock brakes, several airbags and seatbelts pretensioners, Russ Rader of the Arlington based Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, warns that in an accident "the laws of physics can't be repealed,” adding that “even with modern safety features like multiple air bags, people in small, light cars are always at a disadvantage in crashes”.