You'll have to forgive us for being just a little skeptical about the Natalia SLS 2, a hyper-luxury land yacht being developed by DiMora Motorcar that aims to out-Maybach the Maybach and become one of the most expensive production cars to ever be sold. The most recent happenings surrounding its gestation is the announcement that Brembo and DiMora have entered a technical partnership to develop custom front and rear braking systems.

The supercar will need only the best in braking technology considering it’ll be packing a 1,200hp V16 engine. Brembo’s Chief in the US Wayne Rodgers has revealed that "engineers are working with DiMora designers to develop braking systems that will be capable of stopping an incredibly powerful vehicle,” and that the “fastest intended sport luxury sedan needs the world's best brakes.”

Despite the announcement that Brembo is working on the project, it’s still hard to fathom that such a high performance vehicle could be developed by such a small scale team. Even Bugatti’s Veyron experienced major hardship getting to the showroom floor, and it had the full resources of VW group behind it. Then there's the website, which lists partners as "sponsors" and fails to display even a single real photograph of the project. Bizarrely, the company has set up a partnership with RPost, a service that delivers proof-of-receipt email. How this relates to a car, we don't know.

The man behind the project, Alfred DiMora, claims to have pre-sold 17 cars and is expecting to begin the official launch in 2009. We'll keep our eyes out for more information about this car.