Porsche is adding a hybrid option to its next-gen Cayenne and new Panamera, but fuel saving technologies may also filter across to its iconic 911 range according to latest reports. Porsche is said to be trying to reduce fuel consumption and carbon-dioxide emission levels of its 911 range, just as it did with the Cayenne.

For years Porsche has focused on increasing the performance of its engines, but, in light of government pressures to curb CO2 emissions, the priority now is on reducing fuel consumption and the associated emissions. Porsche’s director of hybrid development Michael Leiters, who spoke with AutomobilWoche, revealed that there are several options being studied for the 911 including the use of direct injection and stop-start systems.

Leiters stresses that to reduce energy consumption, one must be open to all options including hybrids. Other avenues include employing more weight saving technologies, plus improving aerodynamics and adding low resistance tires.