Rumours have recently surfaced suggesting Lamborghini is releasing an exclusive new model worth 1 million euros (US$1.6 million). Details are sketchy, but it is believed that only 20 cars will be built, of which only 10 are possibly heading to the US.

Last week a 25% scale model of the car was apparently shown to potential buyers at Santa Monica Airport. Lamborghini is said to be unveiling it in Frankfurt in September but already all 20 are supposed to have been pre-sold, each requiring a US$300,000 deposit, with some hopeful ones even sitting on a waiting list.

Ironically, rumors first popped up about the ultra-Lambo on the Ferrari Chat forums. They suggest the new car will be styled like a "jet fighter", with an instrument cluster to suit. It's speculated that Lamborghini has spent lots of time following a Raptor attack plane at military bases to gain inspiration for this project, and will supposedly be releasing the car in only one colour – jet fighter grey, with a green military-like interior to match. Rumoured to be built on the LP platform, it shares its doors and mirrors with the Murcielago LP640 but is said to have a very different front end.

Power figures are anyone's guess at this stage, but all that can be inferred at this point is that the powerplant will probably be a 12-cylinder more powerful than the LP640's and it should be road legal in the US.