Auto parts supplier Siemens VDO has developed a prototype hybrid version of the C-Class Sport Coupe that it says offers better acceleration, torque and fuel-economy than its petrol-only equivalent. In this way, Siemens sees hybrid technology as being a method of adding performance to regular models instead of being simply a way to conserve a fuel.

Displaying the car at Woodward Dream Cruise this weekend, Siemens spokesman David Ladd told reporters that the petrol-electric Merc could beat the show’s traditional muscle cars “off the line,” emphasizing the performance prowess of the hybrid system. The car combines a 1.8L petrol four with an electric motor, and can accelerate from 0-62mph in six seconds flat. A secondary electric motor is also installed and used to start the petrol engine when the car is coasting on electric power alone and needs a boost in power, reports The Detroit News.

The car is far from production ready because the battery system required is still too expensive. Siemens is also aware that the market still perceives hybrid technology as being only useful for saving fuel but this is likely to change given advances in the segment such as the system developed by Siemens.