China’s Chery Auto expects its production numbers to top one million units this week, making it the first all-Chinese carmaker to surpass the milestone. The cars were built over a period of seven years and nine months, with the first half million taking roughly six years and the second half being accomplished in just one and a half years.

In total, Chery has the capacity to build roughly 400,000 cars, 400,000 engine and 300,000 transmission cases per year but it hopes to lift its annual output to one million cars by as early as 2010, according to Xinhua. To increase production Chery is planning to open a new plant in October this year, which should add an additional 300,000 units its total capacity.

Chery is one of the most successful carmakers in China and has several international deals under its belt. One deal with Fiat will see it building Alfa Romeos for sale in China, while another deal will see Chery develop a new small car for Chrysler that’ll eventually be sold in the US.