A new study conducted in the UK by an insurance company has found Porsche to the brand of choice among the nation’s wealthiest for the second straight year in a row. SwiftCover insurance has released a list of the ten car brands wealthy people would most likely buy as well as a list of the ten they’d most likely reject.

The lists were compiled using data sourced from 2.7 million quotes registered with the insurer, which ranks a wealthy person as someone earning $85,000 or more. Topping the list of the most desired cars was of course Porsche, followed by Jaguar in second and Mercedes-Benz in third. Surprisingly, BMW ranked in at eighth spot, falling behind Saab, Audi and Jeep.

For the list of undesired brands, Proton fared the worst with Daewoo and BMW’s Mini not far behind. Click ahead to see the full lists.

Top ten 'most likely'

1. Porsche

2. Jaguar

3. Mercedes-Benz

4. Lexus

5. Saab

6. Audi

7. Jeep

8. BMW

9. Smart

10. Alfa Romeo

Top ten 'least likely'

1. Proton

2. Daewoo

3. Mini

4. Rover

5. Vauxall

6. Kia

7. Fiat

8. Suzuki

9. Nissan

10. Citroe