A man in the UK has recorded the fastest ever speeding offence in the nation’s history with a 172mph (277km/h) run in a Porsche 911 Turbo. Timothy Brady, 33, was travelling on the A420 roadway near Oxfordshire at more than 100mph (161km/h) over the 70mph (113km/h) posted speed limit. The previous record for a speeding offence in the UK was held by a Jason McAllister who was clocked doing 156.7mph (252km/h) in an M3.

Brady was eventually stopped by local police after they set up a roadblock, reports the Daily Mail. For the offence, the speed-freak had his license immediately suspended and is now due to stand trial in September with a possible two-year jail term looming.

The Porsche Turbo was in fact a courtesy car that belonged to the firm where Brady worked as a delivery driver, which means he’s also facing a charge of aggravated vehicle taking. Friends described him as a “total petrolhead who lives for TV shows like Top Gear.”