Despite record sales Toyota is still without a low priced sports car, something its other Japanese rivals are so well-known for. This year saw it retire the mid-engined MR2 two-seater, the last of a trio of sporty cars that also included the Supra, and the slightly less focused Celica. However, according to its R&D chief, Kazuo Okamoto, things could be changing very soon.

Okamoto reportedly made comments back in August regarding future plans to launch cars that are “more fun to drive.” He also said there should be the “development of a new sports car, possibly to fill the niche left by the MR2,” reports Automotive News. During the interview, the Okamoto also showed off pictures of three concept sports cars, but commented that nothing was concrete.

Toyota's first sports car was the 2000GT introduced in 1965. Originally designed by Yamaha for rival carmaker Nissan, the 2000GT was later sold to Toyota after Nissan turned down the offer. The car went on to sell in extremely limited numbers, most likely due to the fact it had a price tag above many Porsches of the time.