Diesels are the number one choice among new car buyers in Europe but the oil burners have been slow to take in the US despite their torque and fuel-economy advantages over regular petrol models. Americans are slowly waking up to the benefits of diesels and to capitalize on this GM is planning to introduce a range of its Opel diesel models to the US.

Speaking to Auto Motor und Sport, GM CEO revealed that he would like to see more Opel diesel models head over to the US where they could be re-badged as Saturns. While he may seem overly optimistic, the GM Chief is aware of the negative preconceived image of diesel-powered cars held by many Americans and acknowledges the fuel costs roughly the same as petrol in the US, unlike Europe where it’s often the cheaper of the two.

Despite this, Wagoner believes the benefits of diesel is too strong and, following the launch of several diesel Saturns, other GM brands such as Chevrolet, Cadillac, and Saab will also offer diesels in the US. GM eventually hopes to offer its customers a range of alternatives including E85 fuels, hybrid and plug-in hybrids models and fuel-cell technology.