Like something straight out of a James Bond flick, Aston Martin is offering a limited edition Jaeger LeCoultre wristwatch for its new DBS that can be used to unlock the car and fire it up. Available only to buyers of the 510hp flagship, the new watch carries a price tag of €25,000. Remember, that’s on top of the €240,000 already put down for the car.

For that kind of money, customers get one of the most complex timepieces in the world. There’s over 200 parts used for just the casing and an additional 200 parts used for the watch movement itself, reports Automotive News. Engineers also managed to shrink the electronics inside the DBS transponder so that it fits inside the watch.

Jaeger boss Jérôme Lambert says the new watch allows you to do away with the keys, and hinted that an even more expensive model is in the works. Until that arrives, buyers will be limited to either the regular grade 5 titanium model or the more exclusive rose-gold edition.