As part of its cost cuttings efforts Ford will be reducing the number of models it develops for unique markets and will instead offer a single global product with tuning and equipment levels suited for local tastes. The new system, however, will only affect global models, which means North American icons such as the F-150 pickup, Mustang and large SUVs will retain their individuality.

The news comes from the executive design director for Ford of Europe, Martin Smith, who spoke recently with Automotive News. Smith revealed that there would be a ‘One Ford’ look, which would only apply to vehicles sold globally. Beyond this, even American models will come in for a new global look.

Smith is currently working with American designers to try and combine the ‘three-bar grille theme from U.S. cars with the ‘kinetic’ look of Euro models. One of the first American cars that will be coming in for the global look will be the Taurus sedan, which Smith sees a lot of potential for a more aligned look.