Out of the 11 or 13 cars Audi of America has delivered, two have already turned up on eBay. Such is the power of the online auction house that car companies have begun using it as a way to gauge the prices they can charge for future models. One executive revealed to Automotive News how he had to convince his German bosses that the absolute highest price Audi could charge for the mid-engined sports car was US$115,660.

But the fact they’ve turned up on eBay with buyers asking upwards of $241,000 and $185,000 has made Audi wonder whether they could have charged another few thousand dollars on top. The benchmark 911 Turbo is priced at $126,000, and is arguably faster than the R8, however, the R8’s styling and features could demand a higher price.

Did Audi get the pricing for the R8 correct or does it deserve to be priced closer to its rival from Stuttgart?