Without doubt, Bentley builds some of the biggest and heaviest cars on the planet. Its Continental GT Coupe, for example, tips the scales at a hefty 2350kg, which is up there with fully loaded limousines and luxury SUVs in terms of kerb weight. To move all that heft, the Bentley requires a gas-guzzling W12 engine with a pair of turbochargers bolted on.

However, in these times of rising concerns over climate change and fuel prices, even the ultra-luxury makes are considering implementing drastic changes to improve the fuel efficiency of their cars or least present the image of doing so. Speaking with the The Car Connection, Bentley exec Stuart McCullough revealed management were examining “changing the philosophy of Bentley,” which currently is built around large, heavy cars with large, torquey engines.

Some of the ideas being thrown about include the use of modern lighter materials and possibly smaller cars, however, McCullough stressed that any change would only occur if customers were willing to accept such an approach. It’s important to remember that the car industry is still defined by a ‘bigger is better’ mentality.