Toyota has reached a new milestone with the unveiling of an upgraded version of its fuel-cell prototype claimed to be 25% more fuel efficient than the current model. The car also has the added benefit of using less electricity to power its onboard equipment than previous versions.

After completing a test run on Friday, the new model was able to travel a distance of 480 miles on a singe tank of hydrogen. Two fuel-cell powered vehicles were able to travel the 350 miles between Osaka and Tokyo without needing to refuel and the tanks still had 30% of fuel upon arrival, reports the Associated Press.

Limited driving distance and cost have been major factors holding back fuel-cell technology. Toyota plans to continue its research to reduce the severity of these issues and also improve upon the technology’s durability and usability at low temperatures. Fuel-cell technology is touted by many as the powertrain of the future but the lack of proper hydrogen infrastructure and the expense of the technology itself will ensure it remains a gimmick paraded by carmakers pretending to be serious about alternative powertrains for some time to come.