Just when you thought the UK had come up with every possible way to get a fine out of a driver (speed cameras disguised as trash bins, doubled congestion charges and parking tickets among others), they go and find a whole untapped market of fines. It seems 700,000 fines go unpaid every year, because the fines are on foreign-registered cars, and local authorities have no right to pursue the law breakers in their home countries under current UK law.

The new law proposed in the Local Transport Bill will give the Driving and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) the power to do just that. The bill gives DVLA the authority to access foreign driver information and pursue fines across borders, reports Whatcar?. Previous attempts to do so under current law were fruitless. One such case with a driver from Luxembourg whose car was clamped in east London went to the European Commission, which found for the driver.

UK officials hope the new law will change that outcome. The 700,000 annual fines will surely inject quite a lot of revenue into city coffers all around the nation - especially London, as about half the uncollected fines on foreign vehicles are imposed there.