On paper, the 255hp (190kW) AWD Mazda6 MPS (MazdaSpeed) appears to have what it takes to be a class leader in the performance midsized sedan segment, but in the real world the turbocharged ‘6 fails to excite. The engine doesn’t have the satisfying turbo rush of some of its rivals, the exhaust note is just a little too quiet, and the 1,612kg kerb weight is hard to ignore.

Another disadvantage of the Mazda6 MPS is that the lighter and cheaper Mazda3 MPS manages to outperform it as well. With that in mind, officials are now faced with either improving the car or discontinuing it altogether. Management in Japan is not convinced there is enough demand for the Mazda6 MPS, reports GoAuto.

During a recent interview, Mazda6 program manager Ryuichi Umeshita said he doubted it would be possible to invest in a new MPS for only a few markets.” We will see if there is a big enough requirement in the market,” he said. “We will seriously consider this, but honestly speaking we don’t see that.”