It appears there will be a new Bugatti model gracing the stands of car shows around the world from next year onwards, a new Targa or Spider version with a removable roof. Only 80 models are expected to be produced and according to latest reports the entire production run is already sold out.

According to AutoGespot, Bugatti has ordered 400 units of the mammoth quad-turbo W16 engine but only 300 Veyron hardtops are planned for production, leaving officials with 100 extra engines.

Without the roof the car will require added reinforcements and underbody changes to maintain torsional rigidity. These changes will come at a minor cost to performance, and top speed is said to be limited to 340kmh (211mph). The other downside is the fact that the removable roof can’t be taken with you on the drive.

First deliveries are expected to start next year.