Independent new car assessment organisation Euro NCAP released the results for six more cars today: the Daihatsu Materia, Mazda 2, Honda Civic, Mercedes Benz C Class, Renault Laguna and the Volvo V70. The Mazda and the Volvo had been previously tested, but had experienced issues with airbag deployment delays in the frontal impact and side pole tests respectively, prompting the manufacturers to investigate the problems and be granted re-tests.

During the re-tests the Mazda 2 was able to attain a maximum adult occupancy rating of five stars with its delays having been fully resolved. The Volvo however continued to suffer airbag delays but still managed a five star rating. Volvo is currently still investigating the problem. Michiel van Ratingen, Secretary General of Euro NCAP said, ‘This is exactly why Euro NCAP exists: to independently evaluate the protection that these cars offer consumers and to spot just this kind of error. If there is a safety problem, we will not re-test the vehicle unless the problem is fixed on all cars.’

Two more cars received five stars in adult occupant protection - the Mercedes-Benz C-Class and the Renault Laguna. The Renault Laguna would have been Euro NCAP’s highest ever scorer in adult occupant protection had it not lost a point for the opening of a rear door in the side impact test. The Renault managed to score better than the Mercedes in child-protection, mainly because its system is fitted as standard as opposed to Mercedes selling it as an option.

Euro NCAP was disappointed to see that none of the cars achieved more than three stars for pedestrian protection. However it is still promising to note that more and more cars are increasingly achieving five stars in adult occupancy protection.