Maserati recently recorded its first profit in almost 17 years and is selling more cars than in its entire history because of the launch of new models such as the GranTurismo. This is a trend officials hope to continue, which is why next year will see the launch of a new convertible version of the stunning GT.

Sales last year reached 7,353 units but Maserati has set a much more ambitious goal of selling 12,000 cars per year by as early as 2011. To do this, Maserati needs more models and the first of these new models will be the drop-top. "The convertible will go on sale in March 2009, but we have not decided yet at which show we will unveil it," a company source told Automotive News Europe at this week’s Detroit Auto Show.

The convertible will feature the same mechanical package as the coupe, which means it will be fitted with the same 405hp Ferrari-built 4.2L V8 motor. However, the convertible will require extra reinforcements due to the missing roof and this extra weight will inevitably dull performance. Remember, the coupe already weighs in excess of 1,800kg so the drop-top could easily top the two ton barrier. However, at the end of the day, the GranTurismo is all about style and as a poser’s car a convertible version is as good as it gets.