The previous Kizashi concept vehicles from Suzuki were the carmaker’s first attempt at developing a model that could be sold in the middle class segment and its popularity at the Frankfurt and Tokyo Motor Shows last year quickly prompted officials to green light the project. The original concepts were powered by efficient four-cylinder turbodiesel and petrol V6 engines but according to a new report production models could be available with a new V8 engine.

According to AutoTelegraaf, Suzuki is planning a third iteration of the Kizashi complete with a V8 engine. This latest concept will be much closer to production than the previous two cars and is said to preview the final version, which is expected to hit showrooms late next year.

Hyundai has proven that a budget carmaker can develop and market a V8 saloon and now it seems Suzuki is set to do the same. Unlike Hyundai’s RWD Genesis, the Suzuki will feature an AWD powertrain.