BMW has always backed hydrogen as the power source of the future but that doesn’t mean it’s completely ruled out alternatives such as electric vehicles and petrol-electric hybrids. In fact, BMW plans to keep its options open. Not only has it already unveiled the Hydrogen7 limo and X6 EfficientDynamics hybrid concept (pictured), but now the head of its clean-energy technology division has revealed that electric powertrains are also being investigated.

Speaking with Drive, Jochen Schmalholz, told reporters that hydrogen fuelled cars won’t be around for another 15-20 years. The biggest problem is not the technology but the lack of infrastructure. At present there are only five liquid-hydrogen refuelling stations in the entire world, one in the U.S. and four in Germany, and this is the biggest hurdle to the hydrogen car, Schmalholz explained.

The solution will be to switch to electric cars in the meantime. Something BMW is preparing for. According to Schmalholz, engineers are working on an electric vehicle but there are no production plans in place yet."We will only bring this if it makes sense," he says. "At the moment we are not really convinced it will work for BMW. But if it makes commercial sense and it makes sense to our customers, then we will do it."

Could this mean an all-electric RWD car with sporty characteristics, perfect 50-50 weight distribution, and all the luxury expected in a premium car? We certainly hope so.