This odd-looking vehicle is the Imagine NEV (Neighbourhood Electric Vehicle) from HumanCar and is best described as an electric vehicle that can also be self-propelled, a kind of human-electric hybrid so to speak. We’re not sure if the designer came up with the idea while watching the Flintstones but the Imagine NEV has definitely has some similarities with Fred's car form the cartoon.

Small pedals inside the foot wells allow you to propel the car in the same way that you ride a bike but if you need to pick up the pace a pair of electric motors cut in. With the wind at your back and the electric motors running the four-seat vehicle can reach speeds of up to 100km/h.

HumanCar is now taking preorders for the vehicle and is estimating the final price to be around $15,000. Of course it wouldn’t be a proper car without any options so developers also added a navigation and communications system plus a stereo with iPod integration and even air-conditioning. Perfect for cooling you down after all that pedaling.