The UK is home to some of the best audio companies in the world but when it came to outfitting Aston Martin’s latest model, arguably one of the UK’s finest brands, developers turned to a Danish company. The carmaker has picked Denmark’s Bang & Olufsen to develop the audio system for its upcoming Rapide sedan, due to hit the streets in late 2009.

Aston Martin is already in a deal with Alpine Electronics for its V8 Vantage and it also partnered with Scotland’s Linn Audio Systems for the DB9, and now it’s tied up with a third company. This latest decision echoes a similar move from Jaguar, who last year signed a deal with high-end audio firm Bowers & Wilkins to build systems for its groundbreaking XF saloon.

Bang & Olufsen is best known for creating systems for the home but it started creating automotive products back in 2003 when it developed a premium set-up for the Audi A8, reports AutoWeek. Some of the innovations created specifically for the A8 included aluminum tweeters that automatically rise out of the dashboard, and you can rest assure there will be some very interesting gadgets set to debut in the new Rapide.